Crills At North Star Thursday March 8th!

We’re going to be at North Star Bar on March 8th, playing with some real rockers:

Brute Chorus 

The Sea Around Us

Doe Paoro

Let’s all wash away another week a little early on Thursday and have a sloppy Friday.

Back Intact…

OK, so I’ve been screwing around in Thailand for a while, riding elephants and having diarrhea but now I am coming back stateside and I plan to squeeze out a little nugget of Crillsy goodness (which is already half brewed). I blew all my money on Thai massage so I need y’all to foot the bill for this next album. Don’t worry about that right now, though. Just come on out to the show next Thursday and pre-order an album, buy a t-shirt, hire me to play your Bat Mitzvah or whatever.

The show is gonna be:

9:00  Ben Cady
9:45  The Day Life
10:30  Black Taxi
11:15  Crills Wilson


"No One Can Hide From the Rock N’ Roll"

From Indie Monster:

Welcome to the new year Indie-Monster fans! We’ve got a lil interview with Crills of Crills Wilson, to kick it off right. Besides putting out a few Christmas songs (Crillsmas Classics Collection Volume 1) and rockin’ some holiday parties, these guys have been busy crankin’ out their next album to follow up their first LP, Solid Gold.

How was your holiday season?

I had a kickass holiday season, beginnin’ with squeezing out some Christmas tunes, just in the nick o’ time, and endin’ with a big ol’ recording session at Cambridge Sound Studios in Newtown on January 6th. I’d say we finished 51% of a new album in a day and a half (it’s the other 49% that takes forever).

In the in-between there, we got to play 2 rockin’ holiday parties; one for Brolik Productions (very good friends of ours) and one for Rock To The Future (a non-profit that provides rock band lessons to Philly kids).

How do you make music? What’s the recording process like?

Back in the sessions for Solid Gold, I didn’t even have a band so I could do whatever the hell I wanted. I’d bring in whoever I needed to play the part. We did it all piece by piece and it took a shitload longer than it should’ve.

Now I got these salty dogs to play with me and they’re fuckin’ fantastic. We just went and set up the whole band in a studio (me in a little box so I could sing o’er the racket) and let fly. 30 or so hours later we’d recorded about a dozen songs which we will “embellish” over the next few months, while I try and figure out how the fuck to pay for all of this.

The band is generally smellin’ what I’m fartin’, so its usually a breeze, but when suggestions are made they’re always considered and usually implemented.

Gotta love the western animal art theme you have on your website and Facebook- is there a story behind that?

No story like a love story, my friend:

Got a girl, she’s got my heart.
When I need, she does my art.

We came up with the animals slowly together. Kind of a badass Stuart Little, if you ask me. There’ll be more to come, I reckon.

What’s your favorite Philly venue?

I dunno, tough question. Usually I’d say Kung Fu Necktie, with their dim red mood and cave of a stage, but they’re having some liquor related issues, I’ve heard. I miss the Khyber, to be honest. I like any place where it is all one room and no one can hide from the rock’n’roll.

Looking forward to the Milkboy show?

Oh yeah! Maybe we’ll pick a new one off the upcoming album to debut that night.

Besides recording 20 Christmas songs, what else would you love to accomplish in the next decade?

I’d love to see how many states we can get chased out of by mobs with torches and pitchforks. I’d love to record hundreds of song I haven’t written yet. I’d love to play louder. I’d love to open for Jack White (providing he hasn’t begun to suck yet). I’d love to play on a river boat in Mississippi. I’d love to play faster. I’d love to influence real social change in this country, getting the people to speak up, over the soulless corporations. And I’d love to sell all these fuckin’ records I got stockpiled in my closet and under my bed.

Make sure you don’t miss these salty dogs live at Milkboy Philly, with Carousel, Black Taxi and The Day Life! Thursday, February 9, 2012- Buy Tickets Here

Alexis Canary

Crills Wilson’s Album-Making-Fundathon Show

Great news, everyone: We’re recording!

Even better news: You can help us do it!!

We are going to play off the whole “Kickstarter” model for now, and go straight to you for help. Come to our show February 9th and lend us a hand in the form of a donation, so we can pay the bills. We will be offering pre-orders on the album, mentions in the liner notes, private shows, plus T-Shirts for sale and more.

The show is gonna be:

9:00  Crills Wilson

9:45  The Day Life

10:30  Black Taxi

11:15  Carousel

We’re first, so get there early!